This is our first siamese variant litter and it is made to improve and broade the balinese breed. From this litter we have kept Dohna as our queen. So far she has given birth to three litters: H, I and J, a total of 11 kittens.
We lost the boy when he was three weeks old in heart failure and the other girl DeDee had a flat chest when she was young. She was sold as a pet.

Father: EC D* Shivas Leonardo, Sia n Born: 031217
Mother: S* Tammee´s Smiling Sunshine, Bal f 21 Kittens Pedigree    
Name EMScode Sex Status
S* Merlions Dream Team Dohna Sia n 21 var Female Stays
S* Merlions Dream Girl DeeDe Sia f 21 var Female Sold
S* Merlions Daddy Cool  Sia d 21 var Male Sold