This is our first ebony litter and we were very happy when Elioth was born. He was supposed to be the next generation of ebony in the Oriental Longhair programme. Elioth stayed at a fosterhome for a while but when he got to be a "man" he was neutered. Unfortunately there wasn't any demand of his services and we lacked the "right" queen for him so he is now living with Carina and Jill in Norrk÷ping as a very spoiled neuter!

Father: Ch S*Merlions Captain Caesar, ORL  n Born: 040716
Mother: S*A'Famosa Indah Inanna, ORS n var Kittens Pedigree    
Name EMScode Sex Status
S*Merlions Eliot the Aetheling ORL n Male Stays
S*Merlions Echˇ d'Emerald ORS n var Male Sold
S*Merlions Ecce e Ethos ORS n var Male Sold
S*Merlions Eowyn ex Enigma ORL  n Female Sold

Mother & Father

Eowyn, Ecco, Elioth and Ethos