This is our first balinese litter and we are very happy for the use of Fritz. All the cats are doing well so far and no defects. Haze Angel is in a fosterhome and is expecting her first litter with a balinese boy from Finland. Heavenly Saga got her first variant litter with a beautiful siamese boy.
Take a look at her kittens at
S*Vildbackens Cattery.

Father: Tjatte, Bal d Born: 050220
Mother: S*Merlions Dream Team Dohna, Sia n 21 var Pedigree    
Name EMScode Sex Status
S*Merlions Haze Angel  Bal f21 Female Stays
S*Merlions Heavenly Saga  Bal g21 Female Sold
S*Merlions Hilarious Heaven  Bal f21 Female Sold
S*Merlions Hera Akshobya  Sia f21 Female Sold
*Merlions Hush Honey Sia f Female Sold