Three kittens were born but one didn't make it over the first day. He had a split mouth and wasn't able to eat. The remaining siblings are doing very well, Imahara is now called Tara and lives with a family in Valla. She will hopefully be a future queen at cattery Starflyers. Imperator is called Lotus and he is our stud to be, living with Daniel  in our hometown. Thank you friends for taking so good care of these cats!

Father: N*Attack's Appletini,  Bal d Born: 060125
Mother:  S*Merlions Dream Team Dohna Sia  n21 var Pedigree    
Name EMScode Sex Status
S*Merlions  Imperator of Seal "Lotus" Sia n21var Male Sold
S*Merlions Imahara Image Sia f var Female Booked