This combination is made for the oriental longhairs mainly. The kittens have a very interesting pedigree, with new cats both for the bal and the OLH. All of the kittens have got new homes and we are very happen that they will be used in the longhair breed. Jinx and Judy will move to Denmark, to Cattery Balorisia and Ole Hald. Just the Beginning will be a stud at Emelie and Karis breeding in Karlskrona. And the LoverBoy will move to Cattery Lucky Factor´s and Annhild in Skåne.
We wish you all the best of luck with these wonderful cats!

Father: S*Merlions Gentle Xoco Man,   OLH b Born: 021021
Mother:  S*Merlions Dream Team Dohna, Sia n21 var Pedigree    
Name EMScode Sex Status
S*Merlions Just the Beginning  OLH n24 Male Sold
S*Merlions Just a LoverBoy Bal n Male Sold
S*Merlions  Jinx OLH n Female Sold
S*Merlions  Judy     OLH n24 Female Sold



8 weeks

Just a Loverboy, Jinx, Judy, Just the Beginning

5 weeks

Day 18