In this litter we got nice oriental variants carrying the longhair gene, especially for havanna!
Problems with this litter: one kitten died at 7 days of age. Autopsy stated a bacteriological infection caused by mother´s mastit.
The Gentle Xoco Man is now owned by Marika Lantz in Eksjö.
The only male, King Kong Knock has moved to FIN Eirenen, Susanna Ståhlberg in Finland.
Kiana Kick lives with Kristina in Kristiansand and Kissing Thunder will move to Sanna Keronen, Thunderwawes in Finland.
Kayloe Key lives with MaiBritt in Linköping and will be mated during 2007 with our Duma FlaJee, OLH b23. Kayloe suffered from cancer which was discovered during a c-section. She died and we lost her kittens as well.

Father:  S*Merlions Gentle Xoco Man,   OLH b Born: 060626
Mother: Timille Lois Lane JW,  OSH b Pedigree    
Name EMScode Sex Status
S*Merlions King Kong Knock OSH b var Male Sold
S*Merlions Kissing Thunder  Sia b var Female Sold
S*Merlions Kleo Cover OSH b var Female Sold
S*Merlions Kayloe Key OSH b var Female Stays
S*Merlions Kiana Kick OSH b var Female Sold



Pictures of kittens 8 weeks

Kissing Thunder, Kiana Kick, King Kong Knock, Kleo, Kayloe Key

Pictures of kittens day 19

Pictures of kittens day 9